M C is the sword swallower, the man who plays with fire, who jumps on broken glass , who launches himself against glass panes; who dominates the audience with his amazing abilities.

WHO I AM                      

Danger is on the scene, but most of all emotional balance, a great concentration, knowledge of one’s self, and the limits and capacities of one’s body .

‘’I think dangerous actions awaken emotions, I think  anything can happen in a moment and there must be total attention.

 I am a man that has chosen a life of research and this research has brought me to approach substances such as fire, which evokes ancient fears, glass,  which is a difficult element to rule; or swords which have a great symbolic significance.

 Mine is a border life, where the scenes of every day life or on stage originate from what  I imagine, from what I can accomplish of my dreams.

 The show, for me,  is an opportunity to stay with my audience, to share emotions and find ourselves amazed at the sight of the incredible .

The show is a universal language that can be understood by people of any race, age or condition. This tradition must be kept alive so it can bring culture always and everywhere, absorb and spread the energy that keeps it living, carrying it from one town to another.